Pastor Ope Taiwo was one of the pioneer teachers employed to teach Visual Art in Yaba College of Technology Secondary School 17 years ago.

He was appointed the first pioneer H.O.D of Arts Department twice. He constantly produced outstanding final result (WAEC) and (NECO) with 90 – 100% for many years. He received many awards and letters of commendation for outstanding performance. He served as a member of committee for 20th Anniversary of Y.C.T Secondary School held in October 2019. He also served as the coordinator of Y.C.T Secondary School Alumni Group.

This outstanding artist was a wonderful disciplinarian and a father figure to the students. He is a man of integrity, a compassionate, a lover of children, accessible leader with an exemplary personality.

Pastor Ope Taiwo is ever cheerful, truthful, humble, tolerant, lively and generous. He is a man with erudite bundle of wisdom, and a storehouse and dispenser of knowledge. He is a life-builder, a burden lifter and a cheerful giver.

This memorabilia is a testament to the sturdy colourful pleasant personality of this man of God. This generous encomium and kind but true words said about the life, character and work ethics of this man speak to the rest of us still in service to note that our every act, word or deed is being recorded by a cloud of scribes who would speak when we sail ashore both in life and eternity.

For a man of Pastor Ope Taiwo’s status with an untainted public service for a good 17 years, a memorabilia in his honour is more than well-deserved students and colleagues attest to the simplicity, humility, hard work, kindness, generosity and rectitude and sheer selflessness of this man of God.

No doubt, his absence in the school will be greatly and conspicuously noticed. It is no exaggeration to say succinctly that he has made a remarkable mark and his footprint will ever remain indelible in the history of this school.

As he retires from public service, we wish this man a restful and profiting retirement. Let’s conclude with these words of Shakespeare: “We part to meet, we meet to part. If we meet again, we shall smile, if not this parting is made well.